True to the art

Special K, Montreal-based DJ and producer, gave Arzo Selucci access to his studio and his thoughts. 

What drives you?

The evolution of sound and music, to new artists coming out, to getting out of your comfort zone and growing as an artist.

How do you remain authentic? How to balance "influencing vs. influenced"?

As a DJ you take in a lot, I think that's the essence of it, taking it in, all kinds of genres, you take in a lot and you give a lot back. Production-wise, it filters down through your music, kind of a natural process.

What's your style musically and how does it reflect in your fashion choices?

I like anything that is banging and raw and I think that kind of transcends in what I wear, whether super simple black and white or that has color or accents. It's the same as music, I can listen to a super minimal beat or at the opposite an eclectic sound that takes you through a journey, same thing with fashion.

How do you remain current and is that something that really matters?

It does matter, but I don't think you should try too hard at staying relevant, it should come naturally. I think you get there by putting in that work and doing all the little things right. Be you. Staying in tune with what's out there and within. 


Special K is seen wearing the Fleur de Lys necklace and bracelet.

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